Rowen Grey


Filing The Fertile Delivery Driver

My delivery driver wants me to give her a big special downstairs delivery!

We've been flirting for months, but I never thought anything would come of it, but today she takes control and tells me she needs a baby and wants me to be the father!

She tells me we're going to spend the night making babies, she wants her belly round, her womb filled with our child.

Filing The Fertile Delivery Driver

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Deeply Examined: First Visit

The doctor says I have to stop having sex!

And she mentioned something about chastity, draining the male reproductive system, and measuring my output! It’s for science, and they’re going to deeply intervene in my sex life to try to get the output they want. I hope I can give them enough data...

But it’s important, right? This could mean the future of fertility treatments for struggling couples worldwide. This is a sacrifice I can make, and I can learn to live with the loss of control, the fact I can’t jerk off every day, and pleasing my girl in other ways while I’m locked up.

The doctor says she’ll help me adjust to this new reality; she’ll keep me teased and stimulated, make sure the cage fits, and she promised she would take it extra slow. She even said she'd handle my case after hours if I needed!

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ebook cover of Deeply Examined: First Visit