Rowen Grey


This is a birth novel, with romance and a dash of pregnancy and, of course, some D/s kink.

Available in Kindle Unlimited and for purchase: Marriage Mandate: Laboring for Love: Arranged Marriage Steamy Romance, Pregnancy Fantasy.

Blurb: It's a simple marriage contract; sign it and my rich parents won't cut me off. I love my job as a veterinary assistant, but it doesn't pay the rent very well, so I guess I'll sign — but wait, I need to have an heir? Soon I'm swelling with my new husband's child, and we've decided to have a home birth... and I'm falling for him fast...

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New erotica out today, BDSM birth, plus pregnancy and lots of sex.

Available exclusively on Amazon: Round, Filled, and Pushing for Sir: A BDSM Erotic Short.

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It's a simple contract. He gives me money. I give him a baby. But he insists on filling me himself! And controlling me while I swell with his child. And then he wants to watch me push for him! Now I'm falling for him...

This is an erotic breeding, pregnancy and birth story, with light dom/sub and light romance elements.

Available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited: Filled, Round & Pushing for the Lawyer: An Erotic Novelette

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