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Steamy romance for Amazon Kindle

I wrote another erotic romance novel; a surrogate submits to a billionaire and they fall in love.

Surrogate for the CEO: A Steamy Cinnamon Roll Billionaire Instalove Romance Novel

In Kindle Unlimited, of course.

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I wrote an erotic romance novel! (Don't worry, it's very erotic.)

Let Down for the Professor: An ABF/ANR Instalove Erotic Romance Novel

A lactating mother finds true love with a professor after being trapped on campus without a breast pump. Of course, you can figure out how they solve that problem...

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New erotica out today, BDSM birth, plus pregnancy and lots of sex.

Available exclusively on Amazon: Round, Filled, and Pushing for Sir: A BDSM Erotic Short.

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It's a simple contract. He gives me money. I give him a baby. But he insists on filling me himself! And controlling me while I swell with his child. And then he wants to watch me push for him! Now I'm falling for him...

This is an erotic breeding, pregnancy and birth story, with light dom/sub and light romance elements.

Available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited: Filled, Round & Pushing for the Lawyer: An Erotic Novelette

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Let Down in the Dressing Room: An ANR/ABF Erotic Short

A short story — I'm full of milk, and trapped in a dressing room with my loving husband! Our two boys are safe with my parents, but we will be here for an hour with nothing to do but each other! However, I'm really full, and the milk is starting to get painful but I know just the way to get the sweet release I crave!

While my husband is taking care of me, maybe I can convince him to give me another child. I've always wanted a daughter — will today be my lucky day? I'll tease him about me being a mother, and get his hot seed after he takes my milk.

Let Down in the Dressing Room: An ANR/ABF Erotic Short

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Filing The Fertile Delivery Driver

My delivery driver wants me to give her a big special downstairs delivery!

We've been flirting for months, but I never thought anything would come of it, but today she takes control and tells me she needs a baby and wants me to be the father!

She tells me we're going to spend the night making babies, she wants her belly round, her womb filled with our child.

Filing The Fertile Delivery Driver

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ebook cover of Filling the Fertile Delivery Driver

Licking for Her continues the story of Amber and Steve:

She's had a hard day at the office, and I haven't been hard in months...

..but I'm eager and excited to serve her; anything that will help her relax and get the work done that she needs to get done. She's called me into her office; I drove across town to please her. I'm sure I can find techniques to help her relax.

However, it sounds like she has a very specific service in mind. And I can't even put my finger on it!

Licking for Her

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ebook cover of Licking for Her

Deeply Examined: First Visit

The doctor says I have to stop having sex!

And she mentioned something about chastity, draining the male reproductive system, and measuring my output! It’s for science, and they’re going to deeply intervene in my sex life to try to get the output they want. I hope I can give them enough data...

But it’s important, right? This could mean the future of fertility treatments for struggling couples worldwide. This is a sacrifice I can make, and I can learn to live with the loss of control, the fact I can’t jerk off every day, and pleasing my girl in other ways while I’m locked up.

The doctor says she’ll help me adjust to this new reality; she’ll keep me teased and stimulated, make sure the cage fits, and she promised she would take it extra slow. She even said she'd handle my case after hours if I needed!

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ebook cover of Deeply Examined: First Visit

Sucking for Sir: An Erotic Short starts the story of Kalya and Mark and their journey into regular power exchange:

After several years of marriage, Mark finally takes Kayla in hand, giving her the guidance and direction she needs. He starts off slow, but heats up quickly, teasing her at their anniversary dinner date, then touching her by the shoreline, then using her mouth.

When they get home, things heat up even more, with a hint of backdoor action for him while she continues to please him.

The start of a series!

#books #bdsm #mdom #fsub #domsub #powerexchange #blowjob #public #prostate #marriederotica #gentlemaledom #femalesubmissive #ssc #takeninhand #tpe

ebook cover of Sucking for Sir

ebook cover of Drained for Her

Drained for Her continues the story of Amber and Steve:

Tonight, I'm wearing panties and a plug for her to the opera. I think that's it, but that's just the start of the delicious torture she has in mind involving a big new toy and her deft fingers... Of course, it will be hard for me, also being trapped in metal...

(Apologies for the double send, I forgot to add the links to the book..)

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