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Steamy romance for Amazon Kindle

She agreed to an arranged marriage to save her family. She never expected to find love...or a baby!

When her parents' struggling business desperately needs a lifeline, Ashley Jones finds herself faced with an unexpected proposal. Tech mogul Dylan Park, a billionaire known for his international success, offers to save her family's company under one condition: Ashley must become his wife and bear his heir.

Ashley, a strong and independent finance manager, never imagined her life would take such a drastic turn. But the undeniable chemistry between her and Dylan is impossible to resist. From the moment they meet, sparks fly, and Ashley finds herself drawn to the kind, gentle, yet dominant and loving man behind the billionaire facade.

As their arranged marriage unfolds, Ashley and Dylan discover a passion unlike anything they've ever experienced. The steamy encounters between them leave Ashley breathless and craving more of Dylan's skilled touch and sensual dominance. And when Dylan worships her curvy body with his mouth, Ashley reaches heights of pleasure she never knew existed.

But as their connection deepens, Ashley realizes that her feelings for Dylan go beyond just physical attraction. Can she open her heart to the possibility of true love in an arranged marriage?

With low angst and no third act breakup, this standalone contemporary romance novel promises a satisfying happily ever after. Follow Ashley and Dylan's steamy journey as they navigate the ups and downs of their unexpected union and discover that sometimes, love can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Get ready to be swept away by the passionate romance between a curvy, independent woman and the billionaire who will do anything to make her his. One-click now and indulge in this sizzling instalove arranged marriage romance!

Available on Amazon: Arranged Heir for the Billionaire: A Steamy Instalove Arranged Marriage Romance.

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This is a birth novel, with romance and a dash of pregnancy and, of course, some D/s kink.

Available in Kindle Unlimited and for purchase: Marriage Mandate: Laboring for Love: Arranged Marriage Steamy Romance, Pregnancy Fantasy.

Blurb: It's a simple marriage contract; sign it and my rich parents won't cut me off. I love my job as a veterinary assistant, but it doesn't pay the rent very well, so I guess I'll sign — but wait, I need to have an heir? Soon I'm swelling with my new husband's child, and we've decided to have a home birth... and I'm falling for him fast...

#books #birth #pregnancy #Ds

This is a hucow novel. Lots of milk, some barn, lots of fucking, some adult nursing, some breeding.

I couldn't say as much on Amazon and still make it into the Romance category (assuming I even did), but that's what it is: hucow.

If you like it, you know it, and if you don't, that's fine too.

The Farmer's Creamy Bride

Since I wrote this there is also—of course—a lot of love, respect, and partnership. And kink. And sex. And an Happily Ever After.

Here's the blurb:

When Megan's life hits rock bottom—jobless, drowning in bills, and stranded on a dusty road with no help in sight—fate smiles on her in the rugged form of Jake, a farmer whose chiseled arms are just as burdened by impending doom as they are capable of lifting her out of despair. As desire and innovation intertwine, “The Farmer's Creamy Bride: A Steamy, Creamy Romance Novel” unveils an unorthodox strategy to save his struggling homestead—a plan rich with liquid assets drawn from Megan herself. His failing farm is thirsty for a miracle, and Megan's misfortune blooms into a serendipitous partnership that promises to nourish their future. “The Farmer's Creamy Bride” swells with the heat of passionate determination as two lost souls churn a unique remedy to save a homestead and find love along the way.

The Farmer's Creamy Bride

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I wrote another erotic romance novel; a surrogate submits to a billionaire and they fall in love.

Surrogate for the CEO: A Steamy Cinnamon Roll Billionaire Instalove Romance Novel

In Kindle Unlimited, of course.

#books #steamyromance #romance #lactation #love #instalove #novel

I wrote an erotic romance novel! (Don't worry, it's very erotic.)

Let Down for the Professor: An ABF/ANR Instalove Erotic Romance Novel

A lactating mother finds true love with a professor after being trapped on campus without a breast pump. Of course, you can figure out how they solve that problem...

#books #eroticromance #romance #lactation #love #instalove #novel

New erotica out today, BDSM birth, plus pregnancy and lots of sex.

Available exclusively on Amazon: Round, Filled, and Pushing for Sir: A BDSM Erotic Short.

#books #erotica #pregnancy #birth #bdsm #domsub

It's a simple contract. He gives me money. I give him a baby. But he insists on filling me himself! And controlling me while I swell with his child. And then he wants to watch me push for him! Now I'm falling for him...

This is an erotic breeding, pregnancy and birth story, with light dom/sub and light romance elements.

Available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited: Filled, Round & Pushing for the Lawyer: An Erotic Novelette

#books #breeding #erotica #romance #birth #pregnancy #bdsm

Let Down in the Dressing Room: An ANR/ABF Erotic Short

A short story — I'm full of milk, and trapped in a dressing room with my loving husband! Our two boys are safe with my parents, but we will be here for an hour with nothing to do but each other! However, I'm really full, and the milk is starting to get painful but I know just the way to get the sweet release I crave!

While my husband is taking care of me, maybe I can convince him to give me another child. I've always wanted a daughter — will today be my lucky day? I'll tease him about me being a mother, and get his hot seed after he takes my milk.

Let Down in the Dressing Room: An ANR/ABF Erotic Short

#books #breeding #erotica #romance #public #lactation #anr #adultnursingrelationship #abr #adultbreastfeedingrelationship

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