Rowen Grey


This is a hucow novel. Lots of milk, some barn, lots of fucking, some adult nursing, some breeding.

I couldn't say as much on Amazon and still make it into the Romance category (assuming I even did), but that's what it is: hucow.

If you like it, you know it, and if you don't, that's fine too.

The Farmer's Creamy Bride

Since I wrote this there is also—of course—a lot of love, respect, and partnership. And kink. And sex. And an Happily Ever After.

Here's the blurb:

When Megan's life hits rock bottom—jobless, drowning in bills, and stranded on a dusty road with no help in sight—fate smiles on her in the rugged form of Jake, a farmer whose chiseled arms are just as burdened by impending doom as they are capable of lifting her out of despair. As desire and innovation intertwine, “The Farmer's Creamy Bride: A Steamy, Creamy Romance Novel” unveils an unorthodox strategy to save his struggling homestead—a plan rich with liquid assets drawn from Megan herself. His failing farm is thirsty for a miracle, and Megan's misfortune blooms into a serendipitous partnership that promises to nourish their future. “The Farmer's Creamy Bride” swells with the heat of passionate determination as two lost souls churn a unique remedy to save a homestead and find love along the way.

The Farmer's Creamy Bride

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